The following clauses are an integral part of the rental contract.

1) The tools are rented in suitable conditions of use
2)The rented tools may be replaced, during the rental period and according to availability, with other material of equal value. Any replacement with tools of a higher category and value will result in the price difference being charged.
3) Upon return at the end of the rental, the tools are checked and any breakage or damage found is the responsibility of the lessee at current market prices
4) If the insurance policy of €10.00 is not taken out, in the event of loss or theft of the rented tools, the lessee is required to reimburse the relevant market value. In the event of theft, the tenant is obliged to file a report with the competent law enforcement agencies
5) Material collections made after 3.00 pm or deliveries before 9.30 am are not counted as rental days.
6) In compliance with the provisions of law 196/2003 on the protection of personal data, the lessee authorizes the lessor to use his personal data for statistical, commercial and promotional purposes relating to his business. The lessee has the right to request the deletion of their data by simply communicating to the lessor
7) For anything else not mentioned here, the general criterion is that the lessee assumes, for himself and for any minors entrusted to him, total responsibility for the tools being rented.
8) Unless otherwise indicated on the delivery note, each pair of boots rented is associated with a boot bag which must be returned, under penalty of paying €6.00
9) Unless otherwise indicated on the bill, the poles are considered associated with each pair of skis and each pair of boots or complete set rented which must be returned under penalty of payment of €16.00

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